What is affiliate marketing?

It is when you do marketing for other peoples products and gets some return from helping other product owners getting their products sold.
Instead of paying google, facebook or the newspaper they pay me for helping them market and sell their products and then you can get paid too.

I have some examples of products I help the owners sell here and so can you if you want, just write to me if you want to know more:

T. Harv Eker sell online courses like The Secrets of Inner Power which I can recommend you buy and study if you want to improve your life.

Rich German sells a Joint Venture service where you can find your next business partner to grow your business with.

Anik Singal shows you how to make an online business by newsletters and email marketing.

Dr. Joe Vitale known from The Secrets and Dr. Steve G. Jones who makes Hypnotic Audio files to reprogram your subconsious mind.